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The Kitty Tube Safe Low Voltage Outdoor Electric Heating Pad with Fleece Cover.  FREE SHIPPING.

Our heating pad is flexible to your pet’s body giving your pet a warm, luxurious and radiant heat. The Kitty Tube heating pad is always on keeping your cat’s bed warm and cozy when they return from the outdoors. 

This heater is of a SAFE design as there is no high voltage power inside the Kitty Tube. This design eliminates the risk of fire or electrocution to your pet. The plug in adapter fits ALL outdoor outlets.

  • Always on, soft, warm and completely rated for outdoor use
  • Safe low voltage design
  • The Kitty Tube heating pad provides continuous thermostatically controlled heat which will never exceed 102 degrees Fahrenheit. (105 degrees F is the maximum safe temperature for cats)
  • AC 100-240 Volt input. 12 volt DC output to the heater. Power consumption is 18 watts
  • Rated and tested for indoor and outdoor use. The heater and all components are fully sealed.
  • Measures approx. 16" round (this is larger than the previous model)
  • Size gives kitty the option to lay on the heating pad, or next to it.
  • The cord length runs approximately 4' chew proof plus 4' regular cord from outlet to the Kitty Tube. 

Warranty Information

12 month replacement warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers manufacturers defects, and does not include physical damage or abuse. Replacement warranty covers original purchase only. (See info under Shipping and Returns for more details.)

Warranty Information

12 month replacement warranty from date of purchase. Warranty covers manufacturers defects and does not include physical damage or abuse. Replacement warranty covers original purchase only. (See info under Shipping and Returns for more details.)


(82 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Heating pad

    Posted by Jeanette on 17th Nov 2022

    The feral cats are loving the heating pads. I have 2 kitty tubes with double insulation, and another cat house too, so I bought 3 heating pads. I added straw to the floors of the houses, then put the heating pads on top of the straw. The cats used all 3 houses, but once the cats discovered the warm pads inside the houses they use them all the time now. The kitty tube houses are their favorite because they get so nice and warm inside. It's very cold, wet, and windy where I live. I highly recommend the heating pads.

  • 5
    Will be a lifesaver this winter

    Posted by E.C.A. II on 24th Oct 2022

    During a brief 3 day sub 32f cold spell all three of the newly heated Kitty Tubes were occupied by all six members of the very friendly stray cat family that adopted us this past late Spring.

  • 4
    Low voltage large round outdoor heat pads for Kitty Tubes

    Posted by GT on 12th Oct 2022

    Adding this feature to the Kitty Tube ensures a more efficient way to keep outdoor kitties warm during a cold winter. I like how it is made not to have chewable electrical components within the Kitty Tube, and having the metal coil around the vulnerable electrical parts. My reason for 4 star is that they may last two years at best under good conditions as my Kitty Tubes are raised on a platform, the actual plug in a closed container system made for outdoor electrical products. This helps keep outdoor kitties, who wish to remain outside and not inside, a way to stay protected in inclement weather.

  • 5
    Low voltage heating pad.

    Posted by Phil on 27th Sep 2022

    I have three of these and now use them inside in winter for the cats we rescued /adopted and they love them at night ! ( and sometimes during the day ) Great investment.

  • 5
    Kitty Tube heater and cover

    Posted by Helen alentine on 17th Feb 2022

    I love this product

  • 5
    Heating pad

    Posted by Jgaul on 26th Jan 2022

    Very good quality and kitty loves it! Fits perfectly inside our kitty tube and we use it with straw underneath it.

  • 5
    Kitty Tube and low voltage heating pad

    Posted by Lena on 23rd Jan 2022

    The Kitty Tube is a life changer for our outdoor porch kitties. It provides a safe, secure and warm home for one up to three kitties. They love their home! The low voltage heating pad had added a fabulous layer of warmth for an unusually cold Texas winter!! Many thanks from my kitties and for joy knowing they are safe and warm!!!’

  • 5
    Outdoor electric cat heating pad

    Posted by Iván Penaherrera on 21st Jan 2022

    Like my kitty tube, the heated-pad is money we’ll spend!! My feral cat loves it and refuses to leave, sleeps all day and night on it!!

  • 4

    Posted by ChristiW on 9th Dec 2021

    Kitty tubes are great. We have to replace a pad every couple years. It would really help if it was a bit cheaper.